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  • Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
    Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac, Laptop, Android Tablet
    $ 14.99 $18.99
    Color :
    Product Specs :
    Item Weight:1.9 ounces
    Product Dimensions:4.3 x 2 x 0.8 inches

  • Connecting steps:

    1.Fully charge the mouse with the USB cable connecting to your PC's USB port or 5V/1A adapter (the indicator is red during charging, and turns green or off when fully charged); 

    2.Switch on the mouse, the power indicator will be off after flickering;

    3.Press the Bluetooth pairing button to activate the Bluetooth function, which the power indicator will be continuously flickering;

    4.Switch on the Bluetooth function of your computer/desktop/tablet, your device will search for the Bluetooth mouse, select and click “Bluetooth Mouse”, the Bluetooth mouse will be connected to your device automatically

    5.DPI option: press DPI button can switch the DPI from 800DPI, 1200DPI, 1600DPI

    6.Low battery alert: the indicator will keep flickering when the battery is low, recharge the mouse in the event of slow cursor moving, cursor freezing, Bluetooth disconnect which means the battery is low as well.

    If there is anything not dissatisfied, please don't hesitate to contact us at: support@uhurumobility.com

    Key Features:

    BEST COMPATIBLE BLUETOOTH 3.0 CHIP:Compatible with more than 98% Bluetooth devices. Effortlessly connect in 3s to PC, laptop, notebook, Mac; Support Win7 Win8 Win10 Linux OS X or Android tablet. Intelligent connectivity & no code required. Bluetooth V3.0 is backward compatible with all Bluetooth versions.

    IMPROVED POWER SOLUTION:Full charged with just less hours and run more days. You never need to buy any batteries for your mouse from now!! It has a build-in rechargeable battery, even you can use it while charging the mouse. Run 8hrs * 14days with full battery capacity (120 hours continuous work in test).

    CONVENIENT TO WAKE UP:To save power and keep convenient using, the mouse will fall asleep after 10 minutes no-operation, when you reuse it, just click any button and waiting for 1-3 seconds, it will wake up.

    PORTABLE & POCKET SIZE:Lightweight, slim design make it perfectly for travel, easy to put in your laptop bag or pockets. Meanwhile, on receiver required, Bluetooth function eliminates the risk of leaving your mouse nonfunctional due to losing the separate USB receiver of normal wireless mice.

    CONTROLLABILITY& NOISELESS:3 DPI levels to suit both ordinary and gaming needs. Optical laser allows for quick response, precise movement, and smoother tracking. Mute design with advanced sensor make the mouse keep silence click. Annoying click sounds will never happen again.


    Based on customer feedback of last several months, we made some improvements to make the mouse better:

    Solution about Connection. There were 5% customers met them. Because No Bluetooth Chip can match more than 1000 Bluetooth drives, after lots of tests we chose the best Bluetooth 3.0 Chip - AIROHA AB1129F. The issues can be reduced from 5% to ≤1%. If any issue, automatically reinstall a new Bluetooth drive can solve it at most times.

    Solution about Battery. We adjusted the structure to keep the battery system stable, to prevent it damaged during transport. And we upgraded the battery capacity from 600 to 750 mAh, it can run 2 weeks with 8 hours every day. 

    Solution about Sleep & Wakeup. We spent much time on the balance between power save and fast wakeup. The mouse will fall asleep after 10 minutes no-operation, when you use it, click any button and waiting 1-3 seconds, it will wake up. If you won't use it for a long time, we suggest you to turn the switch to off for saving battery.

    Besides, we also modified the mice edge for more comfortable feeling, changed the scroll wheel for complete noiseless... We always do our best to improve customer experience. Thanks for choosing UHURU and welcome your reviews.


    Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0

    3 DPI Levels: 800/1200/1600

    750Mah rechargeable battery capacity

    Operating Range: Max.32.8FT

    Dimension: 4.3"x2.3"x0.8"(LxWxH)



    The mice fit ≥99% devices, but connection issues may happen in very few cases. Delete current Bluetooth driver and automatic download the proper Bluetooth driver can solve it most times, or we will refund all you paid.

    If your device doesn't have Bluetooth function, you need to install a Bluetooth dongle first.

    Turn off the on/off switch if you won’t use it for long time.

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  • FAQ

    1. Why can't I switch on the mouse?   

    ·Ensure the switch button is on 

    ·Ensure the mouse is fully charged

    2. The mouse cannot pair with computer?   

    ·Verify that your computer is Bluetooth enabled. (has Bluetooth Function)   

    ·Verify that the pairing device is within range (10 meter), and powered up, and then attempt the connection again.   

    ·Delete all other Bluetooth devices connection in My Bluetooth Places and pair the mouse again.

    ·Make sure you follow this instruction correctly. Turn on the mouse again, and press the black small match button (Button 6) before you try to scan for the mouse on your computer.   

    ·Ensure the mouse is fully charged

    3. Why can't I use the mouse or the mouse is disconnected when I don't use it for a while?

    ·The mouse will enter into sleep mode to save the power after you don't use it for more than 5 minutes; click any button of the mouse to activate the mouse to work again (some brands of computer may require to switch off the mouse and then switch on again) 

    ·The Bluetooth setting of your computer may lose the Bluetooth mouse connection, please follow below steps to reset the connection: 

    Control Panel---Hardware and Sound---Device Manager---Bluetooth---select Bluetooth driver---Properties---Power Manager---unselect “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”---OK---restart the computer to finish the reset.


    The connection between the mouse and the computer can be lost also for several reasons, such as: 

    (1)Low battery power 

    (2)Using your mouse on metal surfaces 

    (3)Radio frequency (RF) interference from other wireless devices, such as:

    (1)Wireless speakers 

    (2)Computer power supply 


    (4)Cell phones 

    (5)Garage door openers. 

    Try to rule out these and other possible problem sources that might be affecting your mouse.

  • Detail

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